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Author's Blog

What Readers Say



The E-Book Handbook Spreadsheet 
As Described in The E-Book Handbook

Excel Spreadsheet for Managing your E-Book Empire! -
(please contact me if you are interested)

Price: $2.99 USD
(plus 6.25% sales tax for residents of Massachusetts)


The E-Book Handbook ebook e book how to for dummies create format publish sell Amazon Kindle Nook iPadThe E-Book Handbook Spreadsheet - as described in The E-Book Handbook - is a detailed spreadsheet you can use to record, monitor, and analyze your e-book and affiliate program sales, income, expenses, fees, royalties, payments, taxes, and more.

The spreadsheet is set up with all the worksheets, formulas, and charts in place, to help you to keep track of your own e-book empire.  It includes challenging accounting calculations built right into it including the complicated but important Tax and Affiliate Share Issues, and formulas and charts to determine and compare sales performance from month to month.

The spreadsheet contains instructions for how to use it, and you can modify it or add to it to make it as detailed as you wish. 





Author:  Douglas Klostermann
Excel XLS spreadsheet document
Page Count:
  1 spreadsheet with 6 worksheets (tabs) plus instructions
Price: $2.99 - secure payment with PayPal or Credit card (via PayPal)
(plus 6.25% sales tax for residents of Massachusetts)


Learn to create, format, publish, market, and sell your own e-book
with The E-Book Handbook.




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